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What to do with old, retired, or broken computer equipment? Make a donation and work with C4K to help improve the skills of our future leaders. Instead of polluting the environment with your electronic waste, contribute to making a difference and call today for a FREE pick up of all your old electronics!

Donate your computers and make a difference in a child’s life!


Here at Computers for Kids of America we are dedicated to providing our clients with a full service experience that combines proper recycling practices with unmatched customer service and precise attention to detail, while also providing a cost effective opportunity to help those in need.  What follows is an example of how an IT asset removal project would work, with obvious room for alterations and modifications based on each individual client’s needs.

Step 1: Identify what is to be removed

We will send a team to collect, centralize, categorize and take inventory of every piece of equipment that is to be donated.  From every mouse and keyboard to every server, switch and computer, we will identify and create an inventory document so that you are 100% aware of what is being picked up. Our goal is complete transparency while making this labor intensive process effortless on your part (we will do the heavy lifting!).  All equipment will then be placed, according to type of equipment, onto a pallet or into a Gaylord box and be loaded, using our own pallet jacks, into one of our trucks.

Step 2: Transport of equipment

After your recyclables are loaded onto one of our trucks, we will then transport the equipment, FREE OF CHARGE, to our facility in Fairfield, NJ.

Step 3: Data protection and security

At our facility in Fairfield, one of our certified technicians will then remove any and all equipment that may contain sensitive data (i.e. anything with a hard drive), and place it on one of our work benches for cleaning.  We will certify that each hard drive will be wiped clean using a Department of Defense (DoD) 26 wipe system.

Step 4: Recycling

Our main goal in our recycling relationships is to provide our clients with a guarantee that their end of life equipment will not end up in a landfill or overseas, and that our client can rest comfortably knowing that their equipment is not being dealt with irresponsibly.  This is why we have an exclusive relationship with NewTech Recycling, an R2 certified, and fully licensed E-Waste recycler.

Step 5: Helping those in need

Here comes the fun part!  Our goal is to repair, refurbish, and then re distribute equipment to those in need. We donate equipment to schools, churches, and organizations like Big Brother/Big Sister and the Boys and Girls Club.  Any proceeds generated from the recycling process, are plowed back into our education programs for underprivileged children and into our IPAD purchase program (we purchase and donate iPads and other equipment to schools and children’s organizations in need).  So the end result of the recycling of your old equipment will be a child with a new laptop or a person in need, learning valuable, real world technical skills that could translate into a better job and a better quality of life.

Overall, we are excited to partner with your organization, and we believe that we can service all of your IT recycling needs in the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible manner while opening up new avenues for advancement for those in need.  Please feel free to call me or email me directly with any comments, questions, or concerns about our process.   If you need to make any adjustments or have any needs that are not being met sufficiently then please let me know and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.  Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to starting a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Mark DeTroia
President and Co-Founder
Computer for Kids of America

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